Trade Fair exhibition in France


What’s MINGA? You should instead ask what Minga is not: it is not a label, not a certification, and even not a club … then what’s the point? It is an association that brings together a hundred of small and medium enterprises that are fair trading, sometimes even business federations. What do they have in common? They ensure that trade methodes are fair from the production to the final customer, and for this reason they all agree to send their accounts each years to the association… and most importantly, they do not want to be overtook and assert their difference.

So I am arrived, a little bit curious to see who exhibites what, and obviously to see the trends in the fair trade. Some lined up stands side by side are kindly waiting for me in the first tent where I come in, like in a mill, a cold wind. Is that all? These stands, the majority of them press stand, which a portion, well displayed, claims doctrines that are no longer relevant in Europe? And I was disappointed…

Oh wait, here it is open, there may be other exhibitors… I am now in a court where I joyfully discover a variety of food stalls. I walk between the organic bread, organic cider and organic cheese stalls, there is a smell of a breton pancakes, meats, cheeses, fish and apples of Normandy in the air. It is still early, but I will come back for lunch time, that’s for sure!

And a few steps farther, here it is, this exhibition I was looking for! Here was a multitude of crazy decoration and textiles: bamboo furnitures of Madagascar, Objects which yo can fixed on your walls of Marrakesh, Tibetan bowls, organic cotton shirts manufactured in India, cans bags, breton vareuses relooked in Africa, all is there!

Betwween the exhibitors, the talks are alive, because everyone here has its own concept of fair trade: from a”good cause” for a “lifestyle” to a system where every product which is not proved of fair trade is especially not to purchase, Here we could hear opinions of everybody. Chapels’ quarrels are mixing up with scoutings for the premier of the summer 2018.

From the outside, we can hear the animations mixing up with the general hubbub of the show, and in all of that, barely discernible, gliding silently on their recycled paper, many pens fulfilling orders. Which are of course ours.


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