How could we define fair trade?


In 1940, the religious Mennonites movement has set up a trade in food which was produced in poor regions and redistributed by its network. This group among others forerunners among has launched the Fair Trade movement.

Since when, around the world exchanges between the South and the North are carried out with a common goal to respect a fair charter. This charter is based on ” fair talks, transparency and respect”. It aims to reach greater equity in global trade and to contribute to a sustainable development by offering better trading conditions and to protect the rights of producers and workers. In the 90s, the creation of various labels as the Internatational Fairtrade Certification Mark “FLO-Cert” ensures the traceability of the products and is a way for the consumers to be sure that there is development projects fro the producers.

Fair trade is based on the following principles:

To garantee a fair wages to the producers and to the most disadvantaged artisans, in order they can fulfil their basic needs: health, education, housing, social welfare
To protect the respect to the fundamental rights of individuals (denial of the exploitation of children, slavery …)
To establish lasting relationships between economic partners
To promote Environmental Preservation and to offer to consumers products of good quality.

By buying fair, the consumer is helping to support projects of developpement sometimes and even sometimes self-development in developping countries and thereby consumers are getting a sense of responsability in their consumption. plantu_commerce_equitable.JPG The question is, nearly 70 years after the launch of fair trade, for you, who probably already consume fair trade products, what do you think about fair trade or what do wait for when you buy fair? What drive us to pay a little bit more for a fair product, who we are already the first to complain about the loss of purchasing power? Pity, desire of novelty, fun, mutual help, a desire to feel useful and responsible?


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